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Come and visit Mary, our giant gourami who is around 50cm long! She is a vegetarian and loves to meet new people.

Mary our Giant Gourami

Mary St Pets are proud to have found loving homes for these puppies and many, many more....

Shihtzu male puppyNutrience Australia

We are proud stockists of Nutrience Super Premium Pet Foods. For full nutritional information please visit Nutrience Australia.

Cavalier Litter

Come and visit us - Denise and Bill at Mary St Pets, to view a full range of pets and pet accessories. We offer friendly advice for all your pet needs and with over 80 combined years in the Pet and Aquarium industry we have the practical experience and knowledge to help you and your family enjoy your pets!


Mary St Pets has closed for business as Denise and Bill travel Australia. This site remains as a reference for all of our wonderful customers.

Pets Available In Store:

Pet Accessories Available In Store:



  • Sawdust
  • Dog & Cat Beds
  • Small Animal Bedding

Grooming and Care:

  • Flea, Tick & Heartworm Treatments
  • Dog, Cat, Bird & Small Animal Wormers
  • Pet Grooming Kits & Accessories
  • Brushes, Mitts, Combs & Tick Removers
  • Shampoos, Conditioners, Colognes & Detanglers
  • Fido’s Shampoos, Conditioners & Fre-Itch Rinses
  • Supplements, Mite Sprays & Ear Cleansers
  • Toilet Training Pads, Deterrent Sprays & Stain Removers
  • Debrisol & other Troy Products
  • Remote Barking & Containment Units

Carriers and Enclosures:

  • Dog, Cat, Bird & Small Animal Carriers
  • Dog Kennels
  • Bird Aviaries
  • Small Animal Hutches, Enclosures & Cages

Aquarium Supplies:

  • Aquarium Tanks & Stands
  • All In One Aquariums
  • Turtle Tanks
  • Internal & External Filters
  • Heaters
  • Pumps & Filter Media
  • Chillers
  • Water Treatments & Medications
  • Thermometers
  • Feeder Blocks & Automatic Feeders
  • Cleaning Accessories
  • Tank Backgrounds
  • Aquarium and Terrarium Ornaments
  • Live, Plastic & Silk Plants
  • Hermit Crab Accessories

General Accessories:

  • Bowls, Feeders & Automatic Feeders
  • Harnesses, Collars & Leads (Including Small Animal)
  • Dog & Cat Doors
  • Cat Furniture
  • Pet Toys
  • Bird & Small Animal Activity Centres

...and many more in store...

If we happen to be out of stock or do not carry a product you are looking for, please ask us as we may be able to order your item in.


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Tiny Moodle MaleOur Butterflyruby cavalierRBD

View the story about Dina our very own Marathon Dog!

Having fun at Mary StSleeping Polar BearInnotek Australia

Visit the Innotek website for a full list of barking collars and containment units available through our store.

Purebred Mini Daschund